Whilst filming Tarantinos’ film Django it was revealed that Leonardo DiCaprio cut his hand on set in real life. During a particularly aggressive moment for his character, Calvin Candie, DiCaprio slammed his hand on a table so hard that he broke a glass and cut his hand. In an interview with variety about the scene producer Stacy Sher told Variety:

“Leo had slammed his hand on the table countless times and he moved his hand further and he crushed a crystal cordial glass. Blood was dripping down his hand. He never broke character. He kept going. He was in such a zone. It was very intense. He required stitches.”

The scene in question ended up making it into the actual movie and reportedly got a standing ovation from the crew. Sher went on to say:

“Not because he cut himself. Because in that scene he had pages and pages of monologue. His performance was masterful. His level of commitment is extraordinary.”

DiCaprios’ devotion to acting is clear and this just confirms his devotion to being a great actor. For the full interview follow the link here



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