In the last days the temperatures in europe went far under 0° Celsius. No big deal for everyone who can sit at home next to the radiator under a thick, warm blanket. But especially the homeless are put in a dangerous, if not even life-threatening situation by this freezing weather.

Even if there are not too many, german cities have homeless people too. Sometimes they have no warm place to go and sleep outside, risking their lifes. While there are some busses, so called “Kältebusse”, that’s simply not enough for everyone out there. And that’s when the homeless got help from two different venues that most people wouldn’t have expected something like this from.

In Munich, a mosque opened their doors, so that the homeless could sleep there. And not even that, they even gave them food and some sanitary products for free during their stay. They commented their act of kindness with those words:

“Us muslims, we are part of the city of munich and we like to help those people here that have no roof over their head, so that they can have atleast a warm place to sleep. Our religion teaches us to show compassion and we like to show this here, in our hometown munich.”

Even more amazing is, that a club in Dortmund decided to do the same. In the space, where normally dancing and drinking is taking place, the homeless people were allowed to sleep and even bring their dogs together with them. They explained their kind act with those words:

“We know that no one can be expected to stay outside during those temperatures. Our club is very central, so everyone should be able to get here.”

Those random acts of kindness and compassion should be an example to everyone, that you don’t need to be in a special organisation or even go to another country to help people. If you open your eyes and your heart, you will find someone that needs your help right around you.



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