The two Square Enix franchises look like they will be doing a collaboration event. A new video teaser was released today at PAX east announcing a crossover between the two.

Unfortunately there is no gameplay footage as this is just an announcement and you can see the slide which was shown by Square Enix at PAX below. Square Enix has never been shy of doing collabs within their games, in fact FFXV itself has partnered with assassins creed (shown in heading image), the sims and even half-life 2!.

For those of you who haven’t played it already FFXV is an excellent RPG in the Final Fantasy series, boasting stellar graphics in gameplay. The game may have been perhaps disappointing on release due to plot holes and what seemed like unfinished content, however it recently released the Royal Edition which includes all the DLC and plenty of extra story content.

Therefore fleshing the game out much more than the original. A definite necessary purchase for those yet to play the game.

Shadow of the tomb raider is set to release on September 14th. View the teaser trailer below.



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