Fortnite servers are currently down for the 3.2 update, however here are the weekly challenges so that you can prepare. There are 7 challenges total, netting the player 4000 xp upon completion of all of them.

So let’s discuss those challenges in detail so you can get them faster than your friends:

  • Harvest building resources with a pickaxe:
    Sounds simple enough and is not that hard to complete. If you want to finish it fast though, we suggest you land in Wailing Woods and chop down the forest. Trees give a lot of building material and normally you wont encounter many other people there. After you got to 999 either build so you can collect again or get yourself killed to start over again. You can also try to get 600 stones to have half of the challenge complete and repeat the process afterwards.
    This challenge too easy for you? Make it harder buy only harvesting at Tilted Towers.
  • Deal damage with Suppressed Weapons to opponents:
    Ok, not much to say for this one: Get yourself a suppressed machine gun or pistol and start shooting. Probably faster if you jump in a highly visited area like Tilted Towers or Retail Row.
  • Search Chest in Junk Junction:
    Drop, open, die, repeat. No, honestly, what can I tell you except maybe wait with this challenge cause everyone will be dropping there this week.
  • Land on different Bullseyes:
    Watch this youtube video. It’s straight to the point and all you need:

  • Follow the treasure map found in Snobby Shores:
    Here is exactly what you need. Not the map, but the tier location:

Not enough? Here’s a map with the location:

  • Crossbow eliminations:
    Ok, seriously, you get it. Just use that damn thing.
  • Eliminate opponents in Salty Springs:
    Shouldnt be too hard cause evryone will be dropping there now. Get a gun and try to get as much kills as you can. Then repeat until you have 3.


The challenges marked as hard will gain the player 10 battle stars upon completion whereas all the others will get the player 5 stars. Many players are highly anticipating the teased jetpack item however it is looking unlikely to be in the V3.2 update. One major new implementation in the upcoming update is having teams of 20!. Meaning that you can have epic scale battles of up to 5 teams of 20 people.  Patch notes will be added in more detail when they go live.

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