Launching last week on IOS as invite only, Fortnite is still proving incredibly popular. The new release is ranked #1 in 47 countries and is currently in the top 10 in 58 countries. This information is provided by sensortower.

The mobile game has cross function compatability with the PC and console versions meaning that the different versions can play with each other. Using touch screen controls can sometimes be bothersome however reviewers such as polygon have praised the release saying that it runs like a dream. The simple controls can be seen below.

So how do you get an invite?

you’re going to have to head over to the official Fortnite website, where you can register your email address to be in with a chance of receiving an invitation from Epic to download the game. Even handier if you have any friends that have the IOS version, they have now activated invite codes for them, meaning your friends can invite you.

Fortnite on iOS requires at least an iPhone 6S or iPhone SE, an iPad Mini 4, an iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPar 2017, or later hardware, running iOS 11 or later. The android version is scheduled for a later release date.


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