The recent release of Fortnite IOS has been cited as distracting school kids from their work. The incredibly successful battle royal game released last week absolutely dominating the charts upon launch.

Nick Gutierrez, an AP high school computer science teacher spoke to kotaku, saying

“There has been a rise in the number of incidents with students walking into classes while playing the games. They started a match during lunch, or before school, and need to finish the 10-15 minute long matches. I have noticed in my room students siting next to each other trying to play while pretending to do work”

Another teacher, Nick Fisher, resorted to confiscating the students phones, he said

“When you mix in the fact that you have to Snapchat every ‘dub’ (win) you get or Snapchat your friends losing it merges two of the biggest distractions in school”

While perhaps not the end of the world (we have all been distracted in school) some schools may be going to far, reportedly banning the software from their wifi networks and even causing students to lose the app store and face time apps. One student posted on twitter:

Clearly a problem for the teachers one qouted

“Fortnite released Fortnite mobile which means now my middle school students can play the game they never stop talking about at school behind my back on their phones that are nicer than mine. What a world.”

Whatever the case me be it’s clear that the popular game is impacting students learning, but is it really that big a problem? I would be much more concerned if students where using their phones for inappropriate material whereas the Fornite mobile game seems fairy harmless. Answer the poll below to give your opinion. If you would like to read more about the mobile game, you can read our post here.

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