In the last weeks Fortnite broke several records and surpassed all other games currently on the market. The game started last year on July 25th with a PvE-mode that was hardly played by anyone and definitely didn’t made any headlines. That changed with the implementation of the PvP-mode Battle Royale.

Typical for this game, 100 players jump out of a plane (in this case the “Battle-bus”, a bus carried by a big balloon), land on an island, collect weapons and other helpful things and try to kill each other. A deadly storm pushes all the players closer together until only 1 (player or squad) is left.

When the gamemode was first published on Fortnite, a lot of people shrugged it off as a cartoonish, childish version of PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds (PUBG). What they didn’t know was that thanks to the more casual feeling of the graphics and playstyle plus the faster round time, the game was more easily accessible for the broader masses. What also helped in that aspect was the instant release on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The developers actually put a lot of effort into making the gameplay better as well as adding some pretty funny customizable clothes and dances. One of them, the “Floss dance”, was soon seen all over schoolyards in the whole world.

But that’s not all of it. Another great part of the Fortnite BattleRoyale mode is the ability to build walls and stairs, just like you can in the PvE-campaign to stop the zombie hordes from pushing forward. Now Fortnite didn’t only reach schoolyards, at that point it got into the 3rd german Bundesliga and made it onto live television.

After scoring a goal one team played a scene out of the game, where someone is downed and getting killed by a pickaxe, the weapon you normally use to collect building materials.

Or what about this player from Cardiff, doing the “Take the L” dance after a goal:

But not only has Fortnite taken over schoolyards and soccer stadiums, also other celebrities started playing the game. One of the most famous is the rapper Drake, who announced on his Twitter that he would be playing some Fortnite with the famous streamer “Ninja”. Whily Ninja was already getting crazy viewer counts before, him playing with Drake broke some records on Twitch. They got 600.000 concurrent viewers on stream, an absolute record for a non-tournament stream, considering the earlier record was around 380.000 viewers.

Now while Fortnite already has more viewers than any other game, it also recently published an iOS -version of their game, that already made millions of profits from microtransactions after just some games. Read more on this topic in our last article.


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