March is shaping up to be an interesting month as far as games are concerned. There are quite a few remasters and re-releases happening, as well as some highly anticipated AAA titles. Here is a brief summary of a few notable mentions:

March 2: Pit People (Xbox one, PC)

Pit People is a 2d co-op strategy RPG created from the brains at The Behemoth studio. Anyone who has played Castle Crashers or Alien Hominid will no doubt enjoy this game as it features the same art style. The game has already received great review scores and is a deffinate recomended Purchase for fans of the studio.

March 6: Scribblenauts Showdown (PS4, Xbox one, Switch)

The next installment in the Scribblenauts series. The gameplay consists of word based puzzle games, clearly meant to be enjoyed with friends. Ideal for children or If your interested in party games then you may be inclined to give this a try.

March 16: Kirby Star Allies (Switch)

A switch only exclusive. Another addition to the already extensive Kirby series. Like most of the series, Star Allies is a platformer. Kirby has been tasked with investigating a strange occurrence that has been turning people evil. The game can be played either single player or co-op, having teams work together throwing “hearts” at enemies in order to make them good again. The demo is already available and can be downloaded from the Nintendo store.

March 20: Attack On Titan 2 (PS4, Xbox one, Switch)

Boasting impressive cel shaded graphics and Expanding upon the game play of the original, Attack on titan 2 implements the same hack n slash gameplay of the first. Based upon the excellent anime, (attack on titan) it consists of taking down towering giants known as titans, by hitting their weak spots. Perhaps not a game for the general audience it may be catered more to fans of the anime.

March 20: Sea of thieves (Xbox one, PC)

Sadly unlikely to get a PS4 release. Sea of thieves is a first person action adventure multiplayer co-op game. Players can engage in battles with other enemy ships. Not like anything I have personally seen before, sea of thieves has players working together to navigate the open world as they each do their own jobs on the ship. Jobs can consist of steering, hoisting sails, firing cannons, etc. Its shaping up to be what looks like a hilarious time when played online with friends.

March 23: Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom (PS4, PC)

A PS4 console exclusive, This RPG is probably my most anticipated game in March. Sequel to the first Ni No Kuni. Developed by Studio Ghibli (the exceptional anime production studio) and Level 5. NNK2 features breathtaking visuals and no doubt the same engrossing storyline and gameplay of the first. The story is based 200 years after the original and follows Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum, a young king who is overthrown, who sets out to reclaim his kingdom. Sadly no familiars this time around, however you can view the altered battle system below.

March 27: Far Cry 5 (PS4, Xbox, PC)

Another massive AAA title in March. Fans of the series will know what to expect here. The next main installment in the far cry series. Going back to the old formula (I’m discluding the disappointing Far Cry Primal) and featuring the same FPS action-adventure mechanics seen in Far Cry 4. It also features the same stealth and crafting mechanics and is set in Montana, USA. The story’s basic premise follows the player (a deputy sheriff ) as he attempts to overthrow Joseph Seed, an evil head of a militaristic doomsday cult.

March 30: Agony (PS4, Xbox, PC)

Another upcoming entry in the survival horror genre. Fist impressions of Agony look good, it’s first person and uses the unreal 4 engine. Using the unreal engine means that visually it’s very impressive and looks to be a serious contender in the genre. The game actually started out from being funded in a kickstarter campaign which passed its goal in little over a month. Players begin their journey as a tormented soul within the depths of Hell without any memories about their past. The special ability to control people on their path, and possess minded demons, gives the player the necessary measures to survive in the extreme conditions they are in.

There are many other games being released in March but i thought these were perhaps the most hyped. I haven’t included re-releases or remasters into this list. You can view the full release schedule below.

Pit People (Xbox One, PC) – March 2
Bravo Team (PSVR) – March 6
Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – March 6
Frantics (PS4) – March 6
Scribblenauts Showdown (Switch, PS4, Xbox One) –  March 6
Fear Effect Sedna (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC) – March 6
Devil May Cry HD Collection (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – March 13
Golem (PSVR) – March 13
Kirby Star Allies (Switch) – March 16
Burnout Paradise Remastered (PS4, Xbox One) – March 16
Assassin’s Creed Rogue: Remastered (PS4, Xbox One) – March 20
Attack on Titan 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch) – March 20
Sea of Thieves (Xbox One, PC) – March 20
Titan Quest (PS4, Xbox One) – March 20
A Way Out (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – March 23
Detective Pikachu (3DS) –  March 23
Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (PS4, PC) – March 23

Pure Farming 2018 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – March 23
Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings (PS4, Switch, PC) – March 27
Far Cry 5 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – March 27
MLB The Show 18 (PS4) – March 27
Agony (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – March 30



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