A listing for COD Modern Warfare 2 remastered has appeared on Amazon Italy for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a scheduled release date of April 30th and price tag of €19.99. This was confirmed by eurogamer whose sources also confirmed that the remaster does not in fact include multiplayer.

MW2 is considered by many fans to be the pinnacle of the series with a great campaign and an even better multiplayer experience. Personally I will never forget the rush of getting my own first nuke!. To remaster MW2 without multiplayer seems absolutely absurd as at one point it was the most played console game in the world, boasting millions of active players.

Another interesting point to note is how Activision will handle the infamous “No Russian” campaign level.

As many players know that level has players slaughtering hundreds of innocent civilians creating, perhaps for some, a harrowing experience. You can find more information on that level in our post here

So what are your opinions on the controversial release? Answer in the poll below.


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