Not content on being the most widely played game in the world, Fortnite has now took the throne of being the most streamed game as well. Doubling the average viewer count of its rival (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) having an estimated average count of 141,096 as seen below. PUBG will have to get used to being beaten by Fortnite, as not so long ago it had the most concurrent players. A trophy that Fortnite now claims too. (March)
1. Fortnite (141,096) +22%
2. League Of Legends (116,205) -2%
3. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (72,255) +23%
4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (71,889) +1%
5. Overwatch (44,035) -7%
6. IRL (42,303) +1%
7. Dota 2 (38,925) -34%
8. Hearthstone (38,712) -2%
9. World Of Warcraft (17,752) -22%
10. Grand Theft Auto V (16,512) -27%

Fortnites’ immense growing popularity is evident, gaining an increase of 23% of viewers in one month. Fans of the series will take solace in this, however it’s potentially not all good news. Following on from the recent shooting school shooting in the US, the America games industry is to meet with president Donald Trump so that they can discuss the influence of video games. There has already been a fair share of scare-mongering from certain media outlets, for example, the well known American show Good Morning America. Considering this, I do think that its unlikely that anything bad would come from this, as even though we all have opinions of the president, surely he sees the harmlessness of the games visuals and gameplay.

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