Remembering the Brexit

Not too long ago the people of Great Britain voted for the Brexit, getting ready to leave the European Union completely. Great Britain always had a special side role in the European Union, for example not accepting the international currency, the Euro.

One interesting fact was the split voting’s over demographics. While only few of the younger people wanted to leave the European Union, many of the elderly voted for the Brexit. This must’ve been especially infuriating for the younger ones, since it’s their future that was decided upon.

But even more astonishing was how the results split geographically. While England and Wales voted for the Brexit in most regions, the whole of Scotland voted to remain in the European Union, with more than 62 percent. There was a referendum in 2014, if Scotland should declare independence, but it failed by 55 to 45 percent. The results of the Brexit voting though made the Scottish prime minister say, that another referendum will probably be held.

Source: NY Times Twitter

Scotlands Greens want back in

Now, while Britain is preparing everything for the final part of the Brexit, especially the Greens of Scotland want to talk about independence again. They gathered in Greenock, making it their first ever conference in the West of Scotland. While there was not much time, and four different speakers had to talk in under an hour, many important topics where touched: gender pay gap, the Iraq War, the refugee crisis, Kurdistan, gun violence in America, university strikes and – without a doubt – Brexit.

Patrick Harvie, the co-leader of the Scottish Greens said that Scotland’s future was European. His exact words on the topic were:

“If this thing is done to us, if we are taken out of the EU, let’s commit to campaigning to get back in because our future is European and we will be a part of that project as well as part of that strong green European family.”

Scotland feels like the betrayed child that was forced by its older brother to leave a happy family and is now, pertaining to the Greens, desperately trying to get back in. Maggie Chapman, co-convenor of the Scottish Green Party insisted that her party was leading towards equality in the world, more justice and less violence:

“We gather at a time when things seems more unstable and unpredictable than they’ve been for a while. Throughout history, change has often seemed impossible. But once it comes, it seems like change was always inevitable.”

While the change was certainly forced on the people of Scotland by their bigger neighbor, it’s now in their hands to turn the vote around, declaring independence and going back into the loving arms of mother Europe.

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