Nancy Pelosi struggled to find the right words and made numerous mistakes during her speech on Thursday, confusing viewers and reporters as she tried to discuss gun control legislation.

The Democrat’s repeated struggle for words has raised many questions regarding her health, as she said confusing phrases such as “commensurate bi-partisan .. common sense bi-partisan supp, uh, path forward.”

Pelosi also said “tax force” instead of “task force,” before falling back into her previous talking points on a “comprehensive immigration bill” in the midst of speaking on gun control.

“Once the tax scam is fully phased in, 6 million middle-class families — excuse me,” she said, looking at her notes and the confused reporters. “86 million middle-class families.”

Moments later she said Republicans are going to take “$500 billion out of Medicare. One-and-a-half — excuse me,” she paused. “Trillion — half a trillion dollars out of Medicare.”

According to American Mirror, the “bizarre behavior” is a big reason why numerous Democrats have refused to support the House Minority Leader in any possible future leadership positions.

Recently, during a candidate forum of Democrats vying for the congressional seat in Arizona, none of the politician hopefuls supported Pelosi.

According to NBC, Pelosi herself has “enjoyed a 15-year grasp on power” that has led the Democratic Party and has served in the House since 1987.

She also served as the House speaker from the time of 2007-11.

Although the term “cleaning house” has been used by both Republican and Democrat lawmakers over the past year as each struggles to gain the upper hand, some Democrats have remained vocal about what needs to be done.

“Our leadership does a tremendous job,” said Rep. Linda Sanchez of California just last fall.

“But … I do think it’s time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders, and I want to be a part of that transition. I want to see that happen.”

The California Rep. specifically cited Pelosi as the one that needs to “pass the torch,” along with House Minority leader assistant James Clyburn and even Steny Hoyer of Maryland.

“I don’t think there is one leader of the Democratic Party,” Sanchez said.

“I think there are many people who try to move the country in the right direction.”

“We have too many great leaders here that don’t always get the opportunities that they should,” Sanchez added. “And I would like to see that change.”


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